Multiple Technologies, One Powerful Flush

After considering design, you'll want to explore which flushing technologies are available for the look you've chosen. Our high-efficiency toilets provide power, cleanliness and efficiency across a range of flushing technologies to suit individual needs and preferences.

    • Single-Flush Toilet
    • Dual-Flush Gravity
    • Power Lite
    • Pressure Lite
  • Single Flush Gravity

    Single-Flush Gravity

    How does it work?

    KOHLER gravity technology uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl and trapway to create a strong siphon during the flush.

    Why choose a single-flush gravity-fed toilet?

    • Widest range of design, shape, color and installation options
    • 1.28-gallon models provide guaranteed water savings with every flush
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  • Dual Flush Toilet

    Dual-Flush Gravity

    How does it work?

    Dual Flush gravity-fed toilets rely on the force of gravity to achieve a powerful flush, much like single-flush gravity-fed toilets.

    Why choose a dual-flush gravity-fed toilet?

    • Two-button actuator offers the choice between a half flush and a full flush
    • Skirted trapways simplify cleaning
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  • Power Lite Toilet

    Power Lite

    How does it work?

    Power Lite technology uses an electric pump to deliver water from the tank through the bowl and trapway. To operate, it requires an electrical outlet near the toilet.

    Why choose a Power Lite toilet?

    • Features extraordinarily powerful flushing
    • Low-profile compact designs
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  • Pressure Lite Toilet

    Pressure Lite

    How does it work?

    Pressure Lite technology uses the waterline to pressurize a specialized vessel in the tank, providing a strong and reliable flush.

    Why choose a Pressure Lite toilet?

    • Provides commercial-grade performance
    • Reduces water use to 1.0 gpf
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